Small Cross-shoulder Raffia Bag in Brown

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Small cross-shoulder version of my summer raffia bag in the Sea Urchin pattern. It comes with an inside pocket paper bag with a zipper for sharper pieces like the keys or small pieces like coins, lollipops or small make-up pieces. You can normally put your wallet or cell in the crochet part. It also has ornaments, a tassel and small sea urchin pattern ball made of cotton fiber.
Dimensions: about 22 cm in diameter
Belt length: about 123 cm
Weight: the whole bag weights less than 100 g!
Crochet part: all raffia
Inside pocket bag: washable paper
Ornaments: cotton, wood

Raffia is made from 100% recyclable, FSC certified long wood fibre. It's vegan-friendly, very light, airy and eco-friendly. It is also water repellent and can even be hand washed carefully! So, it's perfect for the beach, but also great for any city outfit. It's 100% biodegradable, non-toxic and recyclable. The long wood Fibre is FSC certified, which means that it comes from sustainable and responsible sources.

Whole bag along with an inside pocket paper bag can be gently washed by hand.

*The keychain from the photo is to be bought separately. It is here to demonstrate the size and purpose of a bag.