Eggshell Earrings in Black with Golden Dots

35.00 Coming Soon

New 'Eggshell' earrings in black with golden dots and golden stainless steel hoops. The idea and inspiration is of course Easter time, but also the idea of the new life emerging that brings so much joy, happiness and color... Here, the painted part is the inside of the eggshell while the outer stays white. The opposite of what we usually paint on Easter. I wanted to accentuate that it's the inner part that matters the most, the part you bring out to the world, the ways you shine and the outer is only the carrier of all that. They are very light and comfortable to wear.
They come in various colors.
Please note that every eggshell is slightly different in shape since they are handshaped and handmade. There can't be two alike so the pair isn't exactly the same. However, they are paired to function just perfectly together.

Size of the eggshell: about 2,5cm wide and 3,5 cm long
Hoop size: 2,5 cm
Materials: clay, paint, stainless steel hoops