Oversized Crochet Necklace in Gray and Illuminating Yellow


Two independent colors supporting one another giving us the sence of strength and positivity, the happiness supported by fortitude. On one side, bright and cheerful yellow, sparkling with vivacity, a warming yellow shade imbued with solar power, and on other solid, encouraging and steady gray, solid and dependable just like the stone, highlighting the ability to stand the test of the hard times and yet relying to the yellow, believing that the future is brighter.
I like the idea of those two components merging together and transfusing into different elements of life, designing our everyday lives to that philosophy, the thinking that we can endure those challenges of life and again look forward to happiness.
This necklace is new from 'Chains on Hook' collection and its some kind of ode to that, not just because of the colors, but the design itself. The chain represents the circumstances that we all were in and still are, the world's pandemic and recent earthquakes here in my Country, that put us in 'chains' and then the yellow hook instead of a padlock, reminding that there is a way out, a brighter future that's about to come and all the bad things we shall overcome and they will only make us stronger...
Photo credit: Ivana Tomić
Styling: Maja Radešić
Hair: Katica Topčić
Make-up: Estera Tolusic
Nail: Pink Rabbits
Model: Emma Galogaža
Production: Tomislav Perić