Big bold cotton rope necklace with oversized ball 50% OFF

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Big bold cotton rope necklace collection is based upon crochet technique applied to wire combined with oversized balls. It can be twisted into different shapes, allowing one to make its own statement by forming a necklace at will. In that way one interacts with the designer. It is designed for women that feel comfortable wearing large jewelry.
It comes in so many color variations. These here are black and white so make sure you choose the one you'd like in the options.
Materials: cotton, wood, wire
Total length from ball to ball is approx. 70 cm (then it can be twisted into different lenghts when wearing)
Size of the bomblets:
Bigger: 4.5 cm in diameter
Smaller: 3.5 cm in diameter
Thickness of the 'rope': about 1.3 cm


Feel free to contact me for custom orders and any possible questions you mihgt have.